Trump v. Raffensperger (Election Contest)

Trump challenged Georgia's election, seeking to decertify the results of the presidential election, order a new presidential race in Georgia, prevent the secretary of state from appointing the slate of presidential electors, and access and audit absentee ballots. The trial court denied Trump's request to expedite the trial, which Trump appealed. The Georgia Supreme Court denied Trump's appeal. Trump voluntarily dismissed the case, claiming he and the Defendants reached a "settlement." The Defendants filed a correction to the record indicating that no such settlement ever happened.

Trump's Lawyers

Court Filings

Name Filed On Type Status
Petition to Contest Georgia's Presidential Election Results 12/04/20 Complaint Dismissed
Motion for Emergency Injunctive Relief 12/07/20 Motion Filed
Opposition to Motion to Intervene 12/09/20 Opposition Filed
Opposition to Motion for Oral Argument 12/09/20 Opposition Filed
Emergency Appeal to Georgia Supreme Court 12/11/20 Appeal Denied
Georgia Supreme Court Order 12/12/20 Order Filed
Notice of Voluntary Dismissal with Prejudice 01/07/21 Notice Filed
Response to Plaintiff's Notice of Filing Voluntary Dismissal 01/07/21 Notice Filed