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Voter suppression lawsuits Kurt R. Hilbert worked on

Name Filed On Court Finalized Result
Trump v. Kemp (Decertification) 12/31/20 Federal Yes Trump Lost
Still v. Raffensperger (Decertification) 12/12/20 State Yes Trump Lost
Trump v. Raffensperger (Election Contest) 12/04/20 State Yes Trump Lost
Boland v. Raffensperger (Certification) 11/30/20 State Yes Trump Lost

People are saying

"Plaintiff seeks an extraordinary and unprecedented remedy: the decertification of the votes cast in the presidential election, after millions of people lawfully cast their ballots. To interfere with the result of an election that has already concluded and has been audited and certified on multiple occasions would be unprecedented and harm the public in countless ways. ... Granting injunctive relief here would breed confusion, undermine the public's trust in the election, and potentially disenfranchise of millions of Georgia voters." - Judge Mark H. Cohen

"If this Court did grant the relief requested, it would not change the result of the November 3,2020, Presidential Election that Joseph R. Biden, Jr. obtained the 270 or more electoral votes needed for election as President." - Judge Mark H. Cohen

"The allegations in the Complaint rest on speculation rather than duly pled facts. They cannot, as a matter of law, sustain this contest." - Judge Emily K. Richardson

"Plaintiff's claims are also barred by the equitable doctrine of laches . . . [because] Plaintiff challenges the validity the presidential election after it has already been conducted based on procedures which were adopted long before the election and upon which election officials and voters alike relied." - Judge Emily K. Richardson