Ray Smith, III

GA Bar #662555

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Voter suppression lawsuits Ray Smith, III worked on

Name Filed On Court Finalized Result
Trump v. Raffensperger (Election Contest) 12/04/20 State Yes Trump Lost
Wood v. Raffensperger I (Electors) 11/13/20 Federal Yes Trump Lost
Brooks v. Mahoney 11/11/20 Federal Yes Trump Lost

People are saying

"Wood’s arguments reflect a basic misunderstanding of what mootness is. He argues that the certification does not moot anything 'because this litigation is ongoing' and he remains injured. But mootness concerns the availability of relief, not the existence of a lawsuit or an injury." - Chief Judge William Pryor

"Wood seeks an extraordinary remedy: to prevent Georgia's certification of the votes cast in the General Election, after millions of people had lawfully cast their ballots. To interfere with the result of an election that has already concluded would be unprecedented and harm the public in countless ways." - Judge Steven D. Grimberg

"Wood presents no authority, and the Court finds none, providing for a right to unrestrained observation or monitoring of vote counting, recounting, or auditing." - Judge Steven D. Grimberg

". . . [R]ather than changing the rules on the eve of an election, [Wood] wants the rules for the already concluded election declared unconstitutional and over one million absentee ballots called into question. Beyond merely causing confusion, Wood's requested relief could disenfranchise a substantial portion of the electorate and erode the public's confidence in the electoral process." - Judge Steven D. Grimberg

". . . [T]he Court notes the futility of Wood's standing argument is particularly evident in that his sole relied-on authority -- [1993 11th Circuit case] -- is no longer good law." - Judge Steven D. Grimberg

". . . Wood believes he suffered a[n] . . . injury because his preferred candidates -- to whom he has contributed money -- did not prevail in the General Election. This argument has been squarely rejected by the Eleventh Circuit." - Judge Steven D. Grimberg