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A small Las Vegas firm that claims to specialize in drunk driving defense, bad checks and casino debt defense, traffic violation defense, domestic violence defense.

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Craig Mueller & Associates lawyers involved with voter suppression

Craig Mueller & Associates worked on these lawsuits

Name Filed On Court Finalized Result
Rodimer v. Gloria 11/19/20 State Yes Trump Lost
Becker v. Cannizzaro (Agilis Challenge II) 11/18/20 State Yes Trump Lost
Becker v. Gloria (Mail Ballot Machine) 11/16/20 State Yes Trump Lost
Marchant v. Gloria (Mail Ballot Machine) 11/16/20 State Yes Trump Lost

People are saying

"The evidence supporting Plaintiff's claims do not come close to meeting that heavy burden. Plaintiff's allegations are largely based on declarations and newspaper articles. The Court would necessarily need to disregard those declarations as inadmissible hearsay. The Court finds that Plaintiff has offered no evidence sufficient to find any error on the part of either Clark County or Registrar Gloria that would warrant granting the relief sought here." - Judge Joseph Hardy

"Even if Plaintiff's allegations properly invoked the jurisdiction of the court (they do not), the proffered factual showing fails in all events to justify relief." - Judge Joseph Hardy

"[E]ven if the Court had jurisdiction to entertain the Petition, Plaintiff's claims fail on the merits." - Judge Joseph Hardy

"Petitioner has cited no law that grants this Court the broad power to invalidate an entire county's election." - Judge Joseph Hardy

"Based on the record placed before the Court in the Petition, Plaintiff can prove no set of facts, which, if true, would entitle him to the relief he seeks." - Judge Gloria Sturman

"Plaintiff's margin of defeat in Clark County is more than 33,000 votes, which the Court finds to be an insurmountable deficit to overcome on the facts before it." - Judge Gloria Sturman