Becker v. Gloria (Mail Ballot Machine)

Lawsuit challenging the use of the Agilis mail-ballot machine to verify signatures and seeking an order for a do-over election in Clark County, Nevada. The court dismissed the case for lack of jurisdiction and lack of evidence.

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"The evidence supporting Plaintiff's claims do not come close to meeting that heavy burden. Plaintiff's allegations are largely based on declarations and newspaper articles. The Court would necessarily need to disregard those declarations as inadmissible hearsay. The Court finds that Plaintiff has offered no evidence sufficient to find any error on the part of either Clark County or Registrar Gloria that would warrant granting the relief sought here." - Judge Joseph Hardy

"Even if Plaintiff's allegations properly invoked the jurisdiction of the court (they do not), the proffered factual showing fails in all events to justify relief." - Judge Joseph Hardy

"[E]ven if the Court had jurisdiction to entertain the Petition, Plaintiff's claims fail on the merits." - Judge Joseph Hardy

"Petitioner has cited no law that grants this Court the broad power to invalidate an entire county's election." - Judge Joseph Hardy

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Court Filings

Name Filed On Type Status
Complaint 11/16/20 Complaint Dismissed
Order Dismissing Case 12/02/20 Order Filed