Ward v. Jackson (Certification)

GOP lawsuit seeking the ability to inspect mail-in ballots and to prevent certification of the election results. The court denied the petition and permitted the defendants to pursue attorneys' fees and costs. Plaintiffs appealed to the state supreme court, which affirmed denial of the petition.

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"[T]he challenge fails to present any evidence of 'misconduct,' 'illegal votes' or that the Biden Electors 'did not in fact receive the highest number of votes for office,' let alone establish any degree of fraud or a sufficient error rate that would undermine the certainty of the election results, . . ." - Chief Justice Robert Brutinel

"The Evidence Does Not Show An Erroneous Vote Count. . . . Plaintiff has not proven that the Biden/Harris ticket did not receive the highest number of votes." - Judge Randall H. Warner

"The Evidence Does Not Show Illegal Votes." - Judge Randall H. Warner

"The Evidence Does Not Show Fraud Or Misconduct. . . . There is no evidence that the manner in which signatures were reviewed was designed to benefit one candidate or another, or that there was any misconduct, impropriety, or violation of Arizona law with respect to review of mail-in ballots. . . . The Court finds no misconduct, no fraud, and no effect on the outcome of the election." - Judge Randall H. Warner

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Court Filings

Name Filed On Type Status
Petition 11/24/20 Complaint Denied
Amended Petition 11/30/20 Complaint Denied
Motion to Compel or Continued Inspection 12/02/20 Motion Denied
Motion to Intervene 12/02/20 Motion Filed
Order Denying Petition and Awarding Fees, If Sought 12/04/20 Order Filed
Notice of Appeal 12/04/20 Appeal Filed
Appellate Brief 12/07/20 Appeal Denied
Arizona Supreme Court Order 12/08/20 Order Filed
Appeal to SCOTUS 12/11/20 Appeal Filed