Trump v. Wisconsin Elections Commission (Remand to Legislature)

Trump lawsuit alleging constitutional violations and seeking to invalidate more than 50,000 ballots and to send the matter to the state legislature to resolve. The court dismissed the case with prejudice. Trump appealed, and the 7th Circuit affirmed the lower court's decision to dismiss the case with prejudice.

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"The President had a full opportunity before the election to press the very challenges to Wisconsin law underlying his present claims. Having foregone that opportunity, he cannot now—after the election results have been certified as final— seek to bring those challenges." - Judge Michael Y. Scudder

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Court Filings

Name Filed On Type Status
Complaint 12/02/20 Complaint Dismissed
Motion for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief 12/02/20 Motion Denied
Motion for Expedited Discovery 12/04/20 Motion Granted
Discovery Order 12/04/20 Order Filed
Witness List 12/06/20 Discovery Filed
Reply Brief in Support of Motion for Injunctive and Declaratory Relief and Brief in Response to Motions to Dismiss 12/09/20 Motion Denied
Exhibit List 12/09/20 Discovery Filed
Stipulation of Proposed Facts and Exhibits 12/10/20 Discovery Granted
Order Denying Case with Prejudice 12/12/20 Order Filed
Judgment 12/12/20 Judgment Filed
Notice of Appeal 12/12/20 Appeal Denied
7th Circuit Opinion Affirming Dismissal with Prejudice 12/24/20 Order Filed
Appeal to SCOTUS 12/30/20 Appeal Filed
Motion for Expedited Consideration 12/30/20 Motion Denied