Stoddard v. City Election Commission of Detroit

Lawsuit claiming that the City of Detroit allowed "hundreds or thousands of ballots to be 'duplicated' solely by the Democratic Party inspector and then counted." The court rejected these claims as "mere speculation" and denied the demand to stop ballot counting.

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"By contrast, plaintiffs do not offer any affidavits or specific eyewitness evidence to substantiate their assertions. Plaintiffs merely assert in their verified complaint 'Hundreds of thousands of ballots were duplicated solely by Democratic party inspectors and counted.' Plaintiffs' allegation is mere speculation." - Judge Timothy M. Kenny

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Court Filings

Name Filed On Type Status
Complaint 11/04/20 Complaint Denied
Amended Complaint 11/05/20 Complaint Denied
Order Denying Motion for Injunctive Relief 11/06/20 Order Filed