In re: Canvass of Absentee and Mail-In Ballots (Philadelphia County)

The Trump campaign made five attempts to block the counting of mail-in ballots in Philadelphia County, seeking to invalidate a total 8,343 votes. The court denied every one of these attempts, noting Trump did not show fraud on the part of the voters or the BOE. The state supreme court agreed to determine whether the ballots may be counted.

People are saying

Court: "[Y]ou are not alleging fraud or irregularity as the basis, . . . is that correct?" Linda Kerns: "I'm alleging that these ballots were not filled out correctly." - Hearing Before PA State Court

Court: "[W]ould you agree with me that you are not proceeding based on allegations of fraud or misconduct. . ." Linda Kerns: "I am not proceeding on those allegations." - Hearing Before PA State Court

Trump's Lawyers

Court Filings

Name Filed On Type Status
Petition for Review 11/05/20 Complaint Filed
First Appeal 11/10/20 Appeal Denied
Second Appeal 11/10/20 Appeal Denied
Third Appeal 11/10/20 Appeal Denied
Fourth Appeal 11/10/20 Appeal Denied
Fifth Appeal 11/10/20 Appeal Denied
Order Denying First Appeal 11/13/20 Order Filed
Order Denying Second Appeal 11/13/20 Order Filed
Order Denying Third Appeal 11/13/20 Order Filed
Order Denying Fourth Appeal 11/13/20 Order Filed
Order Denying Fifth Appeal 11/13/20 Order Filed
Partial Hearing Transcript 11/13/20 Transcript Filed
Appeal to State Appellate Court 11/14/20 Appeal Filed
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Order Granting Extraordinary Jurisdiction 11/18/20 Order Filed
Supreme Court Opinion 11/23/20 Order Filed