Kistner v. Simon (Election Contest - Dakota)

Challenge brought by candidates for state legislature and two voters of Dakota County, Minnesota, seeking to invalidate the election results because of alleged faulty Dominion voting machines. The court dismissed the case with prejudice.

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"The substantive and procedural defects in Contestants' Notice of Contest bars this Court from entertaining this proceeding. Contestees' Motions to Dismiss with prejudice are therefore granted in all respects." - Judge Timothy McManus

"To allow Contestants to move forward with this lawsuit alleging irregularities would completely disrupt the foundation and integrity of our election procedures. Time is of the essence to make these complaints." - Judge Timothy McManus

"It was not until Contestants found out that they did not receive the highest number of votes in their respective races (i.e., they lost!) that they challenged the Consent Decree and in turn the nearly 1.9 accepted million mail ballots." - Judge Timothy McManus

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Court Filings

Name Filed On Type Status
Notice of Election Contest 11/27/20 Complaint Dismissed
Motion to Amend Notice of Election Contest 12/02/20 Motion Dismissed
Opposition to Motion to Dismiss 12/04/20 Opposition Denied
Opposition to Secretary of State's Motion to Dismiss 12/04/20 Opposition Denied
Petition Requesting Inspection of Ballots and Dominion Voting Machine 12/08/20 Motion Denied
Order Dismissing Case 12/15/20 Order Filed
Notice of Voluntary Dismissal with Prejudice 12/24/20 Notice Filed