Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. v. Cegavske (NV RNC Intervention)

Lawsuit by the Trump campaign and Republicans challenging state legislation permitting various voting methods, particularly mail-in voting in the midst of a nationwide pandemic. The court dismissed the case outright because the plaintiffs lacked standing to bring the case.

People are saying

"The pleadings make no showing of 'an unfair advantage in the election process.' . . . Plaintiffs rely on conclusory statements on confusion and disincentives that this court has already found unpersuasive." - Judge James C. Mahan

"The Trump campaign does not represent Nevada voters. The Trump campaign represents only Donald J. Trump and his 'electoral and political goals' of reelection." - Judge James C. Mahan

Trump's Lawyers

Court Filings

Name Filed On Type Status
Amended Complaint 08/20/20 Complaint Dismissed
Cegavske Motion to Dismiss 08/24/20 Motion Granted
DCCC Motion to Dismiss 09/03/20 Motion Granted
Motion for Partial Summary Judgment 09/04/20 Motion Denied
Response to Cegavske Motion to Dismiss 09/08/20 Opposition Denied
Cegavske Reply In Support of Motion to Dismiss 09/15/20 Motion Granted
Opposition to DCCC Motion to Dismiss 09/17/20 Opposition Denied
Order Dismissing Case 09/18/20 Order Filed
Judgment 09/21/20 Judgment Filed