Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. v. Bucks County BOE

The Bucks County BOE rejected the Trump campaign's objections to 2,177 mail-in ballots being counted. The Trump campaign appealed the decision to the trial court. The trial court ruled that the mail-in ballots must be counted. The Trump campaign appealed that decision again, which was affirmed by the state appellate court. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court denied the Trump campaign's appeal.

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"Importantly, the Court must point out that there are absolutely no allegations of any fraud, impropriety, misconduct, or undue influence, that anyone voted who was not eligible to vote, or that the secrecy of the ballots cast was jeopardized." - Judge Renee Cohn Jubelirer

". . . [The Trump campaign] does not allege, and there is no evidence, that the electors who cast these [mail-in] votes were ineligible to vote, that votes were cast by or on the behalf of a deceased elector, or that votes were cast by someone other than the elector." - Judge Renee Cohn Jubelirer

"Petitioners do not allege that there is any evidence of fraud, misconduct, impropriety, or any undue influence committed with respect to the challenged ballots." - Judge Robert O. Baldi

"At no time did Petitioners present evidence [that any of the challenged ballots were submitted by someone not qualified or entitled to vote in this election]." - Judge Robert O. Baldi

". . . [T]he parties specifically stipulated . . . that there exists no evidence of any fraud, misconduct, or any impropriety with respect to the challenged ballots." - Judge Robert O. Baldi

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Court Filings

Name Filed On Type Status
Notice of Appeal 11/09/20 Appeal Dismissed
Stipulated Facts 11/16/20 Complaint Filed
Appellate Order 11/19/20 Order Filed
Notice of Appeal 11/19/20 Appeal Denied
Appellate Brief 11/23/20 Appeal Denied
Appellate Order 11/25/20 Order Filed
Petition for Allowance of Appeal 12/04/20 Motion Denied
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Order Denying Appeal 12/08/20 Order Filed