Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. v. Benson (Absentee Ballot Counting)

Lawsuit brought by the Trump campaign to stop vote counting because the campaign's observers allegedly did not have "meaningful" access to the process. The judge denied the request two days later, noting its lack of evidentiary support and that it was moot because, although the Trump campaign announced the lawsuit in the media earlier, by the time it finally filed the lawsuit, the votes had already largely been counted. The Trump campaign appealed the decision and was denied. They appealed next to the Michigan Supreme Court and were denied yet again.

People are saying

"Perhaps the reason for plaintiff failing to discuss the impact of the certification is because such action by the Michigan State Board of Canvassers clearly rendered plaintiff’s claims for relief moot. The [state law] requires plaintiff to pursue its fraud allegations by way of a recount of the ballots cast in Wayne County. Because plaintiff failed to follow the clear law in Michigan relative to such matters, their action is moot." - Judge Stephen L. Borrello

“Tell me how that is not hearsay. Come on now!” - Judge Cynthia Stephens

Trump's Lawyers

Court Filings

Name Filed On Type Status
Complaint 11/04/20 Complaint Denied
Motion to Appeal 11/06/20 Appeal Denied
Order Denying Motion for Declaratory Judgment 11/06/20 Order Filed
Motion for Appeal 11/06/20 Motion Denied
Brief in Support of Motion for Appeal 11/30/20 Motion Denied
Appellate Order 12/04/20 Order Filed
Appeal to the Michigan Supreme Court 12/07/20 Appeal Granted
Motion for Immediate Consideration of Appeal 12/07/20 Appeal Denied
Michigan Supreme Court Order 12/11/20 Order Filed
Final Order Dismissing Case 01/06/21 Order Filed