Voter suppression lawsuits R. George Burnett worked on

Name Filed On Court Finalized Result
Feehan v. Wisconsin Elections Commission (Certification) 12/01/20 Federal Yes Trump Lost
Trump v. Evers (Absentee Ballots) 12/01/20 State Yes Trump Lost

People are saying

"And the plaintiff seems to have made up the 'quote' in his brief that purports to be from [a Wisconsin case]. . . . The court has read [the Wisconsin case] . . . three times and cannot find these words [from plaintiff's quote]." - Chief Judge Pamela Pepper

"The plaintiff wants Donald J. Trump to be certified as the winner of the Wisconsin election as a result of the plaintiff’s vote. But what he asks is for Donald J. Trump to be certified the winner as a result of judicial fiat." - Chief Judge Pamela Pepper

"The court is stymied by the plaintiff's assertion that his interests and injury are identical to that of President Trump . . . If his interest is solely in getting President Trump re-elected, as opposed to having his vote be counted as part of a valid election process, the court is aware of no constitutional provision that gives him the right to have his candidate of choice declared the victor." - Chief Judge Pamela Pepper

"Federal judges do not appoint the president in this country. One wonders why the plaintiffs came to federal court and asked a federal judge to do so." - Chief Judge Pamela Pepper

"We do well as a judicial body to abide by time-tested judicial norms, even--and maybe especially--in high-profile cases. Following the law governing challenges to election results is no threat to the rule of law." - Judge Brian Hagerdorn

"Even if this court has constitutional authority to hear the case straightaway, notwithstanding the statutory text, the briefing reveals important factual disputes that are best managed by a circuit court." - Judge Brian Hagerdorn

"[Regarding Plaintiff's motion] There was no indication that the plaintiffs gave notice to the adverse parties of the morning's motion, there was no affidavit filed with the motion, the complaint is not verified and there was no certification from counsel about the efforts made to give notice to the adverse parties or why notice should be required." - Chief Judge Pamela Pepper