Justin Clark

DC Bar #499621

Affiliates with Election Law LLC in the pleadings and is currently listed as "On Leave of Absence" from the law firm of Michael Best & Friedrich LLP.

E-mail Justin (202) 844-3812 Election Law LLC

Voter suppression lawsuits Justin Clark worked on

Name Filed On Court Finalized Result
Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. v. Boockvar (Vote By Mail Intervention) 06/29/20 Federal Yes Trump Lost

People are saying

"In [its] briefing, [the Trump campaign] relied on hypotheticals, rather than actual events." - Judge J. Nicholas Ranjan

"Based on this evidentiary record, construed in [Trump]'s favor, the Court cannot conclude that there exists 'patent and fundamental unfairness.'" - Judge J. Nicholas Ranjan

"The problem with [Trump's] theory is that there does not appear to be any law to support it." - Judge J. Nicholas Ranjan

"There is nothing in the record to establish that potential voter fraud and dilution [through mail-in voting and use of drop boxes] will impact Republicans more than Democrats." - Judge J. Nicholas Ranjan