Jerome M. Marcus

PA Bar #50708

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Voter suppression lawsuits Jerome M. Marcus worked on

Name Filed On Court Finalized Result
Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. v. Philadelphia County BOE 11/05/20 Federal Yes Trump Lost

People are saying

"[Trump lawyer, Jerome Marcus] respectfully requests leave of this Court to withdraw as counsel for Plaintiff [Trump] in this action . . . inasmuch as the client has used the lawyer's services to perpetrate a crime and the client insists upon taking action that the lawyer considers repugnant and with which the lawyer has a fundamental disagreement." - Motion for Leave to Withdraw as Counsel for Plaintiff

Judge: "Are your observers in the counting room?" Jerome Marcus: "There's a non-zero number of people in the room." - Judge Paul S. Diamond

Judge: "I'm asking you, as a member of the Bar of this Court: are people representing the Donald J. Trump for President, representing the plaintiffs, in that room?" Jerome Marcus: "Yes." Diamond: "I'm sorry, then what's your problem?" - Judge Paul S. Diamond