David A. Kallman

MI Bar #P34200

David's experience includes administrative law, church state relations, homeschooling and education law

(517) 322-3207 Great Lakes Justice Center

Voter suppression lawsuits David A. Kallman worked on

Name Filed On Court Finalized Result
Costantino v. Detroit 11/08/20 State Yes Trump Lost

People are saying

"[P]laintiffs have not asserted a persuasive argument that their case is not moot and that the entry of immediate injunctive relief is proper." - Justice Zahra (concurring)

"[Republican witnesses] only came forward to complain after the unofficial vote results indicated [their] candidate had lost." - Chief Judge Timothy Kenny

"It would be an unprecedented exercise of judicial activism for this Court to stop the certification process of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers." - Chief Judge Timothy Kenny

“Sinister, fraudulent motives were ascribed to the process and to the City of Detroit. Plaintiffs’ interpretation of events is incorrect and not credible.” - Chief Judge Timothy Kenny